A Second Slice of Pi

My second Raspberry Pi turned up yesterday, which made me smile. Now I just need to decide on a project to use it on. I have a few ideas, but as with anything, finding the time to execute might be problematic. The other small issue, is that I’m pants at electronics, it’s one subject that I never really paid any attention to when at Uni, so my skills are a bit lacking. Hopefully something like the Gertboard or the PI Face IO board will help in that respect, but I should probably get a breadboard from somewhere and start tinkering.

I have two main projects in mind, one is to automate my home brewery, the other, to turn the Raspberry Pi in to a flight computer for use in my high power rockets. There are a few other things that I’ve thought of, but those are the two main ones. Even though I’ve been told that the Raspberry Pi isn’t ideal as a flight computer, I’d still like to fly it, although I might wait for the camera board before looking into doing that.

Either way, I now have to Pi’s and I need to start making use of them.

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