A Second Slice of Pi

My second Raspberry Pi turned up yesterday, which made me smile. Now I just need to decide on a project to use it on. I have a few ideas, but as with anything, finding the time to execute might be problematic. The other small issue, is that I’m pants at electronics, it’s one subject that I never really paid any attention to when at Uni, so my skills are a bit lacking. Hopefully something like the Gertboard or the PI Face IO board will help in that respect, but I should probably get a breadboard from somewhere and start tinkering.

I have two main projects in mind, one is to automate my home brewery, the other, to turn the Raspberry Pi in to a flight computer for use in my high power rockets. There are a few other things that I’ve thought of, but those are the two main ones. Even though I’ve been told that the Raspberry Pi isn’t ideal as a flight computer, I’d still like to fly it, although I might wait for the camera board before looking into doing that.

Either way, I now have to Pi’s and I need to start making use of them.

A Slice of Raspberry Pi

I meant to get up early the day the Raspberry Pi was put on sale, but I totally forgot. By the time I remembered, both the Farnell and RS websites had long melted down. I eventually managed to get on the waiting lists at both companies and finally, after what has seemed like an ages, my first Raspberry Pi arrived on Saturday.

I should have been prepared, I had meant to buy a HDMI cable and a SD card, but it was the Cambridge Beer Festival last week, so beer was more of a priority. I did take it into work with me today though and got it all wired up to ensure it was all working. It was really cool to see the large raspberry appear on the screen.

Now I just need to wait till later in the week when some HDMI cables and SD cards arrive via Amazon. In the meantime, I need to build OpenELEC, as this Pi is going to be running XBMC and serving up all the familys media in the living room. It’ll be another month or so until my second unit comes and this gives me some time to think of things to do with it. I might put it into a rocket, or I may look to use it in automating my homebrewery, we’ll see.

I’m looking forward to playing with it and I think I’ll have to get another couple of SD cards so that the kids can have one each and learn how to prgram, if they want to. Either way, I’m looking forward to my slice of Pi.